3 x small Venice paintings in progress

Picture of Mark Sofilas

Mark Sofilas

Mark Sofilas is a contemporary artist, painting landscapes and urban scenes from his studio in Leeds, UK.

Venice 3

These are the beginnings of three new paintings.

Each painting features a canal in Venice & has been inspired by a visit from a few years ago.

They are in the smaller category measuring 30cm x 30cm each.

This is an exciting stage of a painting where the initial marks are integral to the final piece.

This stage of each painting has been executed in acrylic paint. I like the immediacy that working in acrylic paint provides & also the drying time enables you to move forward with the painting.

You need to work quickly & decisively but this is exciting. One of the nice by-products of this can be the ‘happy mistakes’ which, hopefully one recognises & retains some of these in the final painting.

The plan moving forward is to work over them in oils & to add detail, a focal point & at the same time retain the freshness & spontaneity of those initial marks.

Really happy with each of these to date.

Keep an eye out as I post progressive images of the paintings. #venice #italy #contemporaryart #artforsale

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