Large Venice painting, 150cm x 100cm – in progress

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Mark Sofilas

Mark Sofilas is a contemporary artist, painting landscapes and urban scenes from his studio in Leeds, UK.

Grand canal 2

Here are a couple of progress images of a new large scale Venetian painting of the Grand canal. It is oils on canvas & measures 150cm x 100cm.

Always good to get the canvas covered, image one. Blocking in the structure of the piece is next, image two. This is where I begin to develop the energy of the painting. New progress images on the way soon.

A third progress image shows contrast & more impressionistic detail/marks slowly being added. A fun part of the process. Stay tuned.

Image 4 shows further development with regards to colour & more mark making. My aim is to keep building & overlaying with more interesting marks where, hopefully, it will all pull together in the end.

More to come…….

Image 5 is a continuation of adding marks & also blocking in some lights to help to create the overall tonal values. Back soon.

Image 6 shows a progression/change in tonal values, with the adding of darks & lights to create the drama. More detail is also being added.

It’s a case of to-ing & fro-ing until the right overall balance is achieved. Not always linear.

Until next time….

Just added image 7 which shows detail being added to buildings, ie windows etc albeit however, in an impressionistic manner. Incremental additions from here on, working towards a nice balance of realism & impressionism.

Image 8 shows more detail being added overall but in particular to the water. Still work to be done to this area but it’s at a stage where it can be left for now & I can move onto other parts of the painting. This helps in keeping the energy of the painting evenly spread throughout.

I will be back with the next stage soon.

With image 9 you’ll see that I have added more detail, albeit loose & as graphic as possible, without becoming too abstract. It’ is a linear process up to a point then it becomes a case of to-ing & fro-ing to create the right overall balance. More to come….

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